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Our Transition:City to the Country

Learning to live in the country-Farming, animals, and nature

5 January
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I have 'crossed the hump'..lol...at age 51 now. I have spent my life working as a nurse and raising four sons. I retired from nursing after 30 years. Although I worked many different areas in nursing including Dr. offices, nursing homes, hospital med-surgical, dialysis, and CICU, my favorite nursing job was working for Charleston County Board of Disablities and Spinal Cord Injuries where I cared for MRDD residents of various ages. Most were dual diagnosed. I also cared for some autistic children.
After I retired from nursing, I attended 8 semesters of college studying journalism and writing.
Throughout my life my most memorable moments have been those shared with my children as they grew up. We swam at the ocean frequently since we lived close by, camped alot, and enjoyed hiking and fishing alot too. My sons are all 'men' now and I am VERY proud of each one of them.
being with my parents, english shepherds, farming, gardening, herbs, interior decorating, landscaping, living off-grid, magpie ducks, nubian goats, poultry, reading, sc, talking with my sons, visiting charleston, writing and computing.